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Real Estate Experts Reveal Key Factors That Drive Market Home Price Increase

Real Estate Experts Reveal Key Factors That Drive Market Home Price Increase

President Joe Biden affirmed that housing is a right in America and that homeownership is an essential tool in wealth creation. Still, many are still struggling to buy affordable homes. Find out why!

Evergreen, Colorado – The National Buyers Agent Association recently revealed a report on the key factors that affect a home’s final price. The report aims to educate home buyers to better understand the current real estate market situation and allow them to weigh their options.

Realtors, builders, and financial experts from all over the US have repeatedly said that the main reason home prices are going up so fast is that there are very few homes in the market. They also discussed the factors that contribute to such low market inventory. See the full report here:

The association revealed that some state or federal regulations contributed to the huge imbalance of buyers and sellers in the market. For example, the tax deductions and subsidies provided to first-time homebuyers brought more buyers into the market and created opportunities for sellers to accept multiple offers and/or sell their property more than the asking price. See the link above for more details.

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, during her Senate confirmation hearing, said, “We need to make the dream of homeownership a reality and the security and wealth creation that comes with it. It needs to be a reality for all Americans. That will require us to end the discriminatory practices in the housing market and assure that our fair housing rules are doing what they are intended to do.”

Visit the link above for more information on what buyers can do when the market home price continues to increase.

The association highly recommends that buyers, especially those who are moving from out-of-state, consider hiring a buyer’s agent to assist them with paperwork, home inspections, and negotiations. Barry Miller, the main host of the B&L Consumers Radio Show reminds real estate consumers to choose an agent who offers flexible commissions, short-term contracts, and high fiduciary level services.

Homebuyer guidance is provided by the National Buyer Agents Association, managed by Skyfor. A list of agent contacts can be found for all 50 states at this link: free list of agents is available 7 days/week. Live staff is available to discuss specific questions by calling their office at 800-383-7188. The association and its national website have 100% five-star reviews on both Google and the Better Business Bureau, where it is an accredited business.

Skyfor also manages the non-profit association for buyers seeking to buy in Colorado. This state group is the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association. Visit to see the many resources offered to buyers hoping to purchase in Colorado. There are also many home buying or selling tips found on its website, and instant access to a list of buyer agents on the inquiry page.

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