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Radio show Launches into 2018 with Recommendations of Top Lenders and Bootcamps for those seeking insider information from the top buyer and seller agents in Denver

The second half of the Barry and Larry Consumer’s Real Estate show on 630K-HOW begins with a recommendation to use a local lender.  The host, Barry Miller claims that it is not necessary to disclose a lot of personal information up front such as email address or phone number in order to find out the basics of whether a borrower might be qualified.  Large national companies may use this information to “data mine”, so they can find out details about the borrower for further marketing efforts.  He warns that it is especially important to not give out a social security number due to the problem of identity theft.

A podcast of this segment can be found here:

The hosts, who own a Front Range Colorado real estate company, encourage the audience to call them for suggestions of local lenders who in their assessment are skilled and able to provide competitive loan rates.  For buying or refinancing it is recommended to have a local lender because one important benefit to the consumer is having the same person to deal with throughout the whole transaction.

The real estate company owned by the host does what he calls “shopping lenders” for his buyer clients.  This is a different activity than just providing a list of local lenders.  It also involves the buyer agent going over the various lender proposals to see which one has better rates, fees, and customer service.  He points out that just as Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search service helps consumers select from top agent, that some buyer agents help their clients select from top lenders with their professional background and expertise in examining all parts of the loan proposal.

The radio host announces that in January 2018, they will be shopping amongst 20 local lenders from the Colorado front range (Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs) to select those who meet high standards for excellence.  They will be providing their top choices on the show for their listeners in January.

There are only two pieces of financial information to compare: 1) interest rate and 2) the hard costs the lender will charge for the loan.  They also seek the qualities of care and compassion from the lender. Questions of the lender should be pertinent to the needs of the consumer, and not to just get personal information from the consumer for future marketing.

The hosts review the commonly asked question from real estate sellers, “When is the right time to put my property on the market?”  In the Denver market, right now in the $200-250,000 range, average time on the market before the property is sold is 6 days. This indicates a very “hot market”, even in the middle of a Denver winter, because this statistic means that there are so many buyers looking in this price range that a home that was put on the market will most likely be sold within a week.  In Colorado Springs, the average time on the market is only 9 days.  However, the median price of a home in Colorado Springs is significantly less than in Denver, at $285,000 and the median price in Denver is $410,000.  Barry recommends to work with agents who can correctly interpret data and work in the consumer’s interest.

If a buyer agent knows the market data, the buyer’s offer is much more likely to be accepted in the commonplace multiple offer situation. A good agent will also protect the buyer by offering comparable sold properties so that the consumer does not overpay in the high emotion of offering on a property.

The show hosts announce that in 2018 they will be making 5 or 6 bootcamps of  3.5 hours duration available to potential real estate buyers or sellers.  These will be live meetings located all along the front range  and consumers (not Realtors) are invited if they wish to  be fully informed on how to be a “smart buyer”.  The bootcamps will go over myths of real estate including the common misconceptions that agent fees are set and non-negotiable, and that agent agreements are of a set duration.

The hosts point out that the Denver metro and Colorado markets continue to have increases of 9-10% in average home values compared with the previous year.

Kathleen Chiras

Kathleen Chiras is the associations manager and web manager for the Colorado Exlusive Buyer Agents Association.

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