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If you are looking for a top buyers agent, you will receive a list of buyers agents who have been rated and reviewed by consumers and our staff. These may include exclusive buyers agents as well as single agents, and accredited buyers agents. We typically have at least two to choose from in most metropolitan ares. If you are looking in a more rural area for real estate agents, sometimes our staff will need to get back with you after they have researched that area. Our goal is to give you a selection of the best real estate agents who have proven track records, experience and outstanding consumer feedback.

What is the definition of real estate buyers agents? Think of the Acromym, "PNAR". Here is what a buyer's agent is in a nutshell:

P Your Protector. This licensed agent knows how to help you avoid getting harmed in real estate purchases (paying too much, getting a house with hidden defects, etc) and how to protect your best interests. In most states of the US, they can also opt to be a transaction broker or faciitator all of the time, or under certain circumstances. You are best protected if you sign up to work with a licensee as a buyer's agent.

N Your Negotiator. A good buyers agent is an excellent negotiator. Negotiation skills are quite different from the skills of a salesperson. Buyer's agents should be available to you to not "sell" the property to you, but rather be outstandingly proficient in the area of negotiation.

A Your Advocate. During the entire process of looking for and negotiating on your behalf for a property, your buyer agent should be an advocate for you. They should know the positions to take and the clauses to write up in your offer to help get you the best price and terms.

R Your Representative. Each state offers various ways consumers can choose to be represented. Doesn't it make sense to pick a representative relationship that would most benefit you as a buyer? A skilled representative with interact with the other side of the table in a way that makes you motivation and highest acceptable price invisible to the other side.

In the past 20 years, the buyers agent has emerged as the premier way for buyers of real estate to engage a professional that is on their side. However, not all buyers agents are alike, and it is very smart to carefully interview and select the best. It is afterall, the biggest financial transaction most of us are likely to make in a lifetime.