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Pennsville PA Buyer Shares How He Overcame Challenges of First-Time Homebuying

First-time Home Buyer shares how he overcomes the challenges and mistakes of first-time home buying by hiring top buyer agent from a trusted agent search service.

A Pennsville Township PA first-time homebuyer shares how he overcame challenges and mistakes of first-time home buying. The buyer used the Buyer Agent Search Service of Skyfor Inc. that gave him recommendations of top buyer agents in the areas he was considering. He also shared how happy he was with the buyer agent that was recommended by the service.

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The buyer wrote, “We were very pleased to work with the recommended agent. Linda was quick to contact us and help us narrow down the areas where we were interested in buying. She then spent an entire day touring homes we had selected and some she recommended. We ended up finding a great house on that first day and she did an excellent job in dealing with the seller’s agent and getting us to closing on time. She also recommended a quality home inspector and a local lender who impressed us. We are now happily settling into our new home and consider ourselves lucky to have been recommended Linda Chase through your service.”

The summary also discussed the common challenges that first-time home buyers may encounter along the process. These are 1) The Down Payment, 2) Competition with all-cash buyers and investors and 3) Credit Scores. These are the typical challenges for first-time home buyers.

The report also examines common mistakes that first-time home buyers usually make: 1) Restricting the home search; 2) Choosing a loan incorrectly; 3) Buying overpriced homes and 4) Choosing not to hire a buyers agent. Of all the common mistakes mentioned, the decision of not working with a buyer agent can be the most serious. A professional buyers agent will help buyers avoid making the first three mistakes. Their role in the home buying process is important because their main goal is to serve and protect the buyer’s interests.

There are so many choices, reviews and ads on the internet that selecting a good one who is perfectly matched to the buyers preferences is not easy. Published reviews are often slanted to the positive side. However, Skyfor Inc.’s Buyer Agent Search Service has been providing real estate counseling and recommendations of the top buyer or seller agents to over 80,000 consumers since the 90’s. Kathleen Chiras, the CEO of the company performs personal consultations at no cost. She also has special expertise in the needs of first-time home buyers and people who are of retirement age and downsizing.

The service is available all over the United States, Costa Rica and Canada. Go to to find top quality real estate agents who can help buyers and sellers shop for real estate services. For Colorado-based agents, visit the non-profit association

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