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Northern Colorado Real Estate Buyer Agents Group Cooperate to Find Home

Homebuyer looking for a home in Northern Colorado shares her experience of getting second opinions and agent recommendations. She used the Buyer Agent Search service to find top agents.

The Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show hosted by Barry Miller and Consumer advocate Larry Stanley along with Kathleen Chiras, the CEO of Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search service, broadcast a special segment of the Denver Colorado KHOW radio show. The topic highlighted the importance of getting a second opinion, especially when the consumers feel that the agent may not meet the standards of fiduciary level of services. The buyer also shared her experience of working with several agents in Northern Colorado for her home search. They worked cooperatively to help her find a perfect retirement home.

Read the full summary and listen to the June 29, 2019, 8 AM show here:

The fiduciary level of service is defined as a service where the interests of the consumer come first before your own. Chiras emphasized that it is important in real estate because it is the largest financial decision that anyone makes. So it is vital to have someone who is 100% on the buyer or seller’s side of the transaction. Therefore, she and the hosts of the show encourage consumers to call and interview more than one agent.

Joy Russenberger, a home buyer from Superior, CO came on live to both the 8 and 11 am segments of the show to share her experience of using the free service provided by Chiras and her team. She was using a friend that didn’t work out before meeting Chiras. They met in 2017 at a real estate workshop presented by radio show hosts, Barry Miller and Larry Stanley. She spent 3 years trying to find her perfect retirement home. Joy wanted a ranch style home and some acreage. However, her price constraints of no more than $500,00 made it a tough search for the areas where she was looking including small towns west of Denver such as Evergreen and Conifer, Northern Colorado, Estes Park and Fort Collins. At one point she even decided to make a quick trip down to Prescott, AZ and looked at properties there with a recommended buyers agent. She was very pleased with the agent, but decided to resume her search in Colorado.

Joy ended up working with a preferred 10+ agent in the Buyer Agent Search network who helped her locate and close on a house in Estes Park. This house had the acreage she desired and was a ranch style home. She was very pleased because she had a difficult combination of requirements for Colorado. She also found all of the recommended agents to be outstanding.

“Kathleen did a good job in informing the agents and making clear what was happening. Both are very friendly and cooperative. The least of the difficulty with my search was handling two good agents because she had done great work with them prior to meeting them.” Joy added.

How did Chiras build a good relationship between the buyer and the agents? She explained, “She started the work a year ago with another agent. First, it’s a matter of knowing good, top agents then right off the bat, telling the agents that this buyer is looking in various areas. And make sure they don’t overlap the areas so that she can work simultaneously to find the perfect home.”

Skyfor Inc.’s Buyer Agent Search Service has been helping consumers for over 20 years throughout the United States. They have always been committed to providing consumers value-added services to help them at all stages of the real estate process. The service is offered at no cost to consumers, as agents in the association cover the cost of the service.

Feel free to call any time of the day at 303-758-4040. Consumers can also visit for assistance. For top agents specifically in Colorado, go to

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