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National Buyers Agent Association Shares Tips To Make A Home Offer Stand Out

National Buyers Agent Association Shares Tips to Make a Home Offer Stand out

The National Buyers Agent Association understands the need for buyers to be creative in their techniques to make offers and win the bidding wars. Get useful tips from the national experts!

The National Buyers Agent Association recently revealed three of the latest tips and techniques that buyers and their agents do to make their house offers stand out and potentially beat other strong competitors in the market.

According to research, homes for sale as of January 2021 hit a record low of a little over 1 million compared to the usual 3 million homes for sale before the pandemic happened. National real estate experts agree that this real estate market creates opportunities for sellers to get top dollar, with many home buyers bidding beyond the asking price to make their home offers stand out. See the full report and additional tips here:

Lawrence Yun, the chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, is optimistic that more homes will be available soon because of ongoing COVID-19 vaccinations. He believes that elderly homeowners may feel more confident since the vaccines are available now to many Americans. He also predicts that those who have been postponing the sale of their homes will start listing soon. Inventory typically becomes more plentiful in the spring, starting in March.

Elizabeth, a recent buyer looking in Waltham, MA used an auto-escalation clause proposed by her buyer’s agent as a strategy. According to, an escalation clause is a real estate contract, sometimes called an escalator, that lets a home buyer say they will offer x price for a home, but if the seller receives another offer that’s higher, the clause automatically increase the offer to a higher price up to a certain limit.

Kathleen Chiras, owner/CEO of the association does not fail to remind buyers to weigh the pros and cons of deciding to buy now, because the current highly competitive market conditions are not for everyone. As a matter of fact, Paul, a decades-long member of the National Buyers Agents Association from Boston, Massachusetts, recently shared, “I lost a deal last week. This is even when we put in a bid for $96K over asking and without contingencies at all. The property had over 20 other offers!”

See the link above for more information and tips about making a home offer stand out in a competitive market.

The association highly recommends that buyers, especially those who are moving from out-of-state, consider hiring a buyer’s agent to assist them with paperwork, home inspections, and negotiations. Barry Miller, the main host of the Colorado based B&L Consumers Radio Show, reminds real estate consumers to choose an agent who offers flexible commissions, short-term contracts, and high fiduciary level services.

Homebuyer guidance is provided by the National Buyer Agents Association, managed by Skyfor. A list of agent contacts can be found for all 50 states at this link: free list of agents is available 7 days/week. Live staff is available to discuss specific questions by calling their office at 800-383-7188. The association and its national website have 100% five-star reviews on both Google and the Better Business Bureau, where it is an accredited business.

Skyfor also manages the non-profit association for buyers seeking to buy in Colorado. This state group is the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association. Visit to see the many resources offered to buyers hoping to purchase in Colorado. There are also many home buying or selling tips found on its website, and instant access to a list of buyer agents on the inquiry page.

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