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Melbourne Florida Top Buyer Agent Explains How Education Protects Home Buyers

Melbourne, Florida- Kathleen Chiras, owner/CEO of Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search service, had an exclusive interview with Cayce, one of her Top Buyer Agents, on September 30, 2019. Cayce emphasized that education is mainly the key to protecting home buyers during a negotiation. She was straight forward when asked about what consumers need to do to move to Melbourne and what helps them as buyer agents in protecting homebuyers.

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Buyer Agent Cayce had this to say: “In our office, we keep up with education, even if we have to drive to Orlando or down south. We keep up with education related to real estate, finance, title, and law. Buyers do not need to be worried about all of the complex details of a real estate transaction- we handle those.”

Cayce explains that, during and even after a negotiation is the perfect time to be educated. Being involved in every step of the way, and understanding what happens in the process will help buyers understand the motivations of seller agents, Seller agents want to get the most for their seller clients, and close the deal so they can receive their commission. Cayce reiterates it is of great importance to be well-equipped with the right information even before the start of home search and and equally important to hire a professional during and after negotiations for guidance in making the right decisions.

Cayce has the following advice to home buyers who want to move to Melbourne, Florida: 1.) Start on the internet. The internet provides a convenient way to access vast information anywhere and anytime. A good agent will help deal with the overwhelming number of resources on the internet. Buyers can work in partnership with their agent to likelihood of get the best property for their unique needs 2.) Learn the market: According to Cayce, the median price in Melbourne is between $200-220K for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Areas near or along the beachside are more expensive. But she also explains that consumers do not need to lose hope if the desired house is outside their price range. Financing options are available and consumer can reach out to professionals like financial advisors or a buyer agents. These professionals may have the expertise and good local connections. 3.) Find a buyer agent who is up to date with the market conditions. Take advantage of the buyer agent’s expertise. It generally pays off to allow a professional to take the lead in the negotiation with the buyers input and parameters.

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