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Loveland CO Buyer Uses Search Service to Select Right Buyer Agent in Denver Area

The summary discussed the 2nd of the 10 steps to becoming a savvy consumer which is selecting the right agent. Consumers should only interview, select and work with experienced agents.

A Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show by a Denver host Barry Miller and Consumer advocate Larry Stanley shares the 2nd of the 10 steps to become a savvy buyer or seller. The 2nd step is about selecting the right agent. When buying or selling a home, the key to the transaction’s success is working with a top agent. This is why the host encouraged consumers to interview, select and work with an experienced agent only. A Loveland CO buyer hit the jackpot with her chosen agent.

The whole summary of June 15, 2019, Barry and Larry Radio Show may be found here:

The summary also discussed the attributes to keep in mind when selecting the right agent. Top agents possess 1) Research ability; 2) Economic knowledge and 3) Negotiating skills. These 3 attributes are important in assuring that the client’s wants and needs will be met, and he/she will get the best deal.

Since there’s a free and trusted consultation service that exists, consumers won’t have a hard time now in looking for top and experienced agents. The Skyfor Inc’s Buyer Agent Search Service has been providing hand-picked recommendations of the top buyer or seller agents within their network throughout the United States, Costa Rica and Canada. Recently, a very satisfied consumer shared feedback on her experience with the recommended top agent by the service. She said, “Jackie stands heads above your “good”, not “average” realtor. Her professional skills leave nothing to be desired; she is on top of everything that comes on the market. Personally, she seems to know exactly not only the specifics of what you want in a home but the feel you are looking for also. If you work with her, you are one of the lucky ones!”

The buyer was referred to Jackie for her home search in Loveland, CO. She’s very happy with the consultation she did as the buyer agent is knowledgeable, skillful and competent.

Go to to find top quality real estate agents who can help buyers and sellers shop for real estate services. For Colorado-based agents, visit the non-profit association

A market update was also provided on the show. The median price range of a single-family home is in the Denver Metro area is at $475,000 range. Which is higher compared last year. Meanwhile, the Colorado Springs continue to be the hottest market in Colorado. The median price of a single-family home is at $325,000 with just a little over 3 weeks of inventory.

To know the rest of the steps to become savvy consumers, join the free Buyer and Seller Boot camp on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, from 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM MDT. The seminar will be helpful in learning the ins and outs of successful real estate transactions. Consumers may contact 303-670-0246 to register.

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