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Long Island NY Exclusive Buyers Agent Explains Buyer Representation Description

Learn what is a buyer representation and how top-notch buyer agents protect the best interest of the buyers. This will help consumers understand the importance of hiring buyer agents.

A top Exclusive Buyer Agent in Long Island, NY, Lora Cusumano, explains what buyer representation means and how buyer agents protect home buyers. Skyfor Inc.’s CEO, Kathleen Chiras interviews Cusumano to help buyers understand the importance of having buyer agents represent them in their real estate transaction. Cusumano is one of the top exclusive buyer agents in the Buyer Agent Search Network, who has an impressive list of credentials such as being an Accredited Buyer’s Agent (ABA), an Accredited Buyer’s Representative Manager (ABRM), a Certified Buyer Representative (CBR), and a Certified Exclusive Buyer’s Agent (CEBA). These designations help demonstrate that she is specially trained to exclusively represent buyers in their real estate transaction.

The interview video can be accessed here:

In the video, Cusumano shared the steps that top buyer agents do to help home buyers purchase their dream home. They: 1) Encourage buyers to conduct interviews; 2) Find out buyer’s specific requirements and needs and 3) Discuss important documents to the buyers such as the disclosure form and buyer agency agreement.

What are buyer agency agreement and disclosure forms? The buyer agency agreement, which can lock in a buyer representation role, explains that the brokerage office and the agent will loyally work for the buyer throughout the process. It also consists of the buyer agent’s duties and responsibilities to the buyers. Meanwhile, A disclosure form discloses the different types of agency that an agent and broker can work with a buyer or seller. Some states have different ways and forms of agency which consumers may find confusing. “We go over it so clients can understand and see the benefits of having a buyer’s agent over using other forms of agency,” Cusumano added.

In the interview video, the buyer agent’s responsibilities were also discussed. Buyer agents are tasked to 1) Find the right home for buyers; 2) Help buyers negotiate with sellers and 3) Come up with the best strategy to get the buyer’s dream house. Buyer agents offer professional service to help consumers, and not to be just a “salesperson”. They talk about the entire process, like getting attorneys, and the importance of home inspections. They negotiate on the buyer’s behalf, so they will stand the best chance of getting the house.

The best and the top buyer or seller agents from the Buyer Agent Search Network can make consumer’s home buying/home selling a relatively stress-free experience. Proper preparation and assistance from the best agent will streamline the whole process. To obtain a free list of top-notch New York agents, or anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica visit

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