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Florida’s Top Exclusive Buyer Agent Encourages Homebuyers To Do Home Inspections

Top Exclusive Buyer Agent in Orlando, Florida encourages home buyers to conduct home inspections so they can take advantage of the benefits it provides in the home buying process. Mainly, home inspections can protect buyers and help in negotiating for the best terms and pricing.

Orlando, Florida- Kathleen Chiras, owner/CEO of Buyer Agent Search had an exclusive interview with one of her Top Buyer Agents who has been with Buyer Agent Search Network since 2007- Paula. Paula is a broker/owner of a 12-year old company out of Orlando, FL and has more than 30 years of real estate experience. She continues to hold an active license as a residential building contractor with the State of Florida and as a REALTOR® with the Kentucky Real Estate Commission. In her interview, she talked about one of the things that buyers should not easily forego- home inspections.

Paula is devoted to protecting the buyer’s best interests, negotiating the lowest price and best terms for her buyer clients. To learn more about the recommended best practices in home buying from one of Florida’s Top Buyer Agents and dig deeper about home inspections, read the full summary of the interview here:

The following are some of the known benefits of a home inspection: 1.) Help identify current issues. It helps weigh whether the issues are fixable or not. If it does not show much promise it’s a chance to find a better property. 2.) Provide the opportunity to do the needed repairs. The best time to do repairs is prior to moving in. That way buyers can focus on appreciating the new house and the comfort it provides. 3.) Anticipate future potential issues. Home inspections reveal which areas need immediate attention and which are due for maintenance. For example, some parts of the house may require renovations after some time. It’s best to know when and what options are available. 4.) Re-negotiate pricing terms. Home inspections can be used as leverage and and more importantly, can help re-negotiate terms. Again, knowledge is power. 5.) Determine if the property is worth the investment. This basically gives buyers the power to decide. If the inspection results score more on the cons, buyers can walk away from it.

Paula discussed how she protects her buyers from searching for the property down to its negotiation. She summarized her process and includes the following: 1.) A Comparative Market Analysis. A CMA helps homebuyers determine whether the property price is reasonable or not. This analysis mainly focuses on the features, quality, location, and condition of the property aimed for. So this should certainly be of good use in making an offer. 2.) Home Inspections Recommendation. The benefits as discussed above is truly beneficial for the buyer on all accounts. Beware of situations where sellers hire their own to do the inspection because they might work together to falsify the report. As a tip, buyers should hire a certified home inspector. 3.) Seller Motivation Research. Paula takes pride in her research skills to get the best terms for the home buyers. She understands the importance of getting the seller’s full disclosure about the property and the reason for the sell. Knowing the seller’s motivation can put buyers in a better position during the negotiation process.

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