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Denver Colorado Realtor Reports on Real Estate Contract Agreement and Definition

A report on three critical inclusions and the ideal length of real estate contracts were discussed in the Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show by Denver host Barry Miller and Consumer advocate Larry Stanley on April 6, 2019, 8 AM show. A regular guest commentator, Skyfor’s CEO Kathleen Chiras also shared her insights on how to find the best agent. This report will benefit real estate buyers and sellers, who often believe that contract length and terms cannot be altered.

The report and an hour-long podcast may be found here:

A real estate contract is a formal written agreement that defines the relationship between the consumer and the agent in the transaction. Once signed by the consumer, it will authorize the agent to represent the buyer in the home purchase or to list and advertise the seller’s property. A written agreement serves as an assurance to the consumer that they will receive full representation from the agent. The report specified the important information that is usually included in a real estate contract such as 1) consumer’s rights and options; 2) agent’s responsibilities; 3) agent’s commission and fees, and the 4) contract duration.

The host of the radio show emphasized that all terms and conditions in real estate contracts are negotiable and the ideal maximum length of a real estate contract should be 100 days. Limited duration is realistic for buyers in most markets, and is also reasonable for sellers. Also, 60 days or less would be fine, and in some circumstances, even a 1-day agreement can be worked out. The host warned consumers not to sign contracts with more than 100 days’ duration. This is because consumers won’t know how hard the agent will work, and sometimes issues crop up like broker accessibility.

Signing a real estate contract will help provide assurance and protection to consumers that they will get a high level of service and full representation from the agents. Certain clauses written into the agreement will help consumers make sure they get the best value for their money. Commissions and agreement duration are negotiable items. Hiring the right and best buyer agents or seller agents will help consumers have a smooth and worry-free real estate transaction.

Consumers can now maximize the free consultation and recommendation service provided by Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search program. They are a trusted real estate agent finder for over 20 years that has a wide network throughout the United States. The service makes recommendations of agents within their network who have already been vetted for experience, reputation, top reviews, and great consumer feedback. “We have 75 fields in our databases to check out the agent from a number of different angles. For example, we look at whether agents work with most buyers or sellers, and what other consumers have said about them over decades of oversight. Every agent must provide their personal and/or company philosophy, their education, their designations and their minimum of 2 years of full-time experience. These are all presented to the consumer”, Chiras added.

For those consumers who want to enjoy a selection of agents who have already been vetted for their qualifications and track records, visit For agents specifically in Colorado, consumers are encouraged to go to the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association at

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