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Colorado Springs Man Gets the Process for a Reliable Real Estate Transaction

Real estate agent finder service released a new report discussing the importance of putting together the right numbers for a successful process of selling out-of-state and buying in Colorado.

Kathleen Chiras, the CEO of Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search service has broadcast a special segment of the Denver Colorado KHOW radio show that highlights the very important topic for consumers: how numbers play role in the home purchase or sale? Understanding the numbers is key to honing in on a real estate transaction process where reliable, analytical agents are used to achieve consumer’s objectives. Many baby boomer retirees are seeking to learn the specifics of this process. The radio show segment that explains how is hosted by Denver host, Barry Miller, and Colorado Springs co-host, Larry Stanley.

Read the full summary and listen to the June 1, 2019, 8 AM show here:

Chiras shared inquiries from two buyer prospects who both want to downsize and relocate. The first buyer plans to sell his current home in Moab, UT to move to Fruita, CO. He shared what the Buyer Agent Search service what he thinks the value of his home is, his current mortgage, and what he wants to have leftover for retirement. Through this, Chiras was able to match him up with top-notch agents who will help him find the right property that would make the numbers. Consumers can then evaluate those numbers to look for properties in their target price range. This process will modify consumer’s wants and dreams with realistic scenarios.

The second inquiry came from a buyer moving from Vermont to Colorado Springs. Just like the first buyer, he also has very specific ideas of what we want. Since he served in the military, he wants a buyer agent with a military background. He also clarified the price range and the down payment he is capable of. His current home is also on the market and he wants help with looking at all of the numbers to make sure his scenarios will be close to the actual market place estimations. He is considering the probable proceeds in selling to buy in Colorado Springs. Clearly, this buyer did all the research and checked his financial capabilities to narrow down his home search. Because of this, Chiras was able to give him excellent choices of buyer agents as well.

She has been giving recommendations of top agents for 20+ years. She has a wide network of thousands of highly-experienced brokers all over the United States, Costa Rica, and Canada. “I help consumers match up to their wants and needs with a variety of buyer or seller agents’ selection, usually 2 or 3 top agents.” She added.

The process of recommendation starts with 1) Talking with consumers for a personal consultation; 2) Giving the list of excellent buyer or seller agents for the area and 3) Providing a set of good interview questions to help consumers determine the best fit for them.

The host of the show also stated that having a skilled agent is important because he/she will protect consumers and will negotiate in their best interest.

Asked about current trends, Chiras commented, “Consumers are feeling more confident about buying homes and finding buyer agents. They are concerned about having good service to help determine what their ideal situation will look like.” Chiras explained.

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