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CO Buyer Agent Shares 3 Tips for House Closings on Real Estate Radio Podcast

Buyer Agent Search service by Skyfor, Inc. publishes a 2020 podcast and report that outlines 3 tips that consumers should know for a successful real estate closing.

Kathleen Chiras, owner/CEO of Buyer Agent Search is a regular guest of a radio show in Denver, Colorado that caters to real estate consumers. Chiras reported on 3 real estate closing tips on the KHOW radio station this month. The hosts of the show discussed yet another interesting topic for homebuyers who were tuned in. They shared their expert views about real estate closing and debunked one of the common myths in a real estate transaction that said “The road to closing is tough.”. The hosts, who are a seasoned agent and a consumer guide expert who has bought and sold 11 homes, strongly disagree.

Larry, of the B&L Consumers Real Estate Radio Show stressed a valid point by saying that the road to closing is not tough if consumers work with the right real estate agent, right lender and other top notch professionals such as inspectors. Read the full summary of the article, the podcast, and an in-depth revelation on the 3 tips here:

Barry Miller highlights the fact that no challenge is ever too tough to manage with the right mindset and the right set of people to work with. He then went on to enumerate three major tips that are proven to work in a real estate transaction: 1.) Exercise Prevention: Prevention in a real estate transaction means saving time and money. Working on contingencies ahead of time can reduce the impact or completely avoid disastrous issues from materializing close to closing. 2.) Connect with top-rated vendors. It is equally important to work with honest and dependable vendors and service providers. Great buyer agents normally have access to these, especially when they have been in the business for many years. Working with top vendors and service providers reduces the likelihood of having to deal with a closing falling apart at the last minute. 3.) Get a Second Opinion. The podcast suggests that getting a second expert opinion and reviewing alternatives is commonplace when buying an expensive item. However, consumers don’t think about it as often when selecting an agent, lender or inspector. Changing the agent or the service providers can be easy with a well-thought out agreements that have unilateral termination clauses.

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