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Buyer Side Real Estate Agent List - National Recommendation Service Expanded

Buyer Side Real Estate Agent List – National Recommendation Service Expanded

The Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association (CEBAA) has expanded its services to improve access to recommended buyer real estate agents both in Colorado and nationwide.

The Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association has expanded their service to offer instant access to a vetted list of buyer real estate agents curated over a period of 24 years. Depending on their indicated preference, prospective property buyers will connect with reputable agents that specialize in various property types including single-family homes, duplexes, land, and commercial property.

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With its expansion, the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association delivers better access to housing opportunities through top-rated real estate agents in the United States. The organization’s list is constantly updated and easy to navigate, making the process of real estate agent selection easy for first-time homebuyers and investors.

Real estate agents provide a critical service within the US housing sector, helping buyers through price negotiations, developing sales agreements, and more. According to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2020, over 89% of home sellers in the United States used a real estate agent to complete their sales. As a result, the choice of buyer-side real estate agents often determines the success of a purchase transaction.

CEBAA allows home buyers to find agents to facilitate their home purchase plans, helping them navigate all pre-sale requirements with ease. The organization uses consumer feedback and constant monitoring from in-house staff to verify the performance of all agents on its list.

The CEBAA list is currently accessible via an online form integrated into the organization’s website. The form accepts a user’s input on their preferred location, property type, and price range, and returns a list of verified CEBAA agents within the area. Some of the organization’s largest coverage areas in Colorado include Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Breckenridge.

About the Organization

CEBAA is a non-profit organization with real estate agent members across the United States. Founded in 1999, the organization is based in Evergreen, Colorado. Members of CEBAA also belong to the National Buyers Agents Association, which has an inquiry form for instant access to top buyers agents in any US state. Those interested in this service may visit

A satisfied buyer said, “The buyer agent that I worked with was knowledgeable, accommodating, and helpful. He aided us in searching for homes based on our interests, and we were able to look at homes through video calls. This part was very helpful because he served as our eyes at every location.”

For more information, please visit the Colorado or national sites.

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