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Buyer Agent Search Service Launches Video on Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor

A new YouTube video on tips for choosing the right real estate agent has just been released by SkyFor, Inc’s Buyer Agent Search service. The service is headquartered in Colorado and serves real estate buyers throughout the country who anticipate buying a property in any city in the United States. The video discusses the recommendation and selection process they undergo to find the best agent for the consumers. The recent video is a radio interview on Denver’s KHOW station where Skyfor’s CEO explains how to determine who are the most qualified real estate agents for any area.

The video may be found at

In its latest blog, the Buyer Agent Search service provides key points in getting the right agent. Other important topics covered are a step-by-step recommendation process, the service’s top priorities, and the consumer’s other options in assuring the agents will represent them well in any real estate transaction.

The service’s top priorities are to interview at least two top agents for each area and to have good interview questions lined-up for the consumers.

The summary also discussed a detailed step-by-step recommendation process done by the agent finder service. Skyfor staff: 1) Interview consumers and suggest good agent matches from its network of over 1,000 agents 2) Send out agents’ profiles; 3) Encourage consumers to review the agent’s profile and be clear about their preferred communication methods and 4) Provide a list of good interview questions to the consumers.

Kathleen Chiras, Skyfor Inc’s CEO, always encourages consumers to talk to a couple of different brokers to determine which agent will match their needs. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to go with the first person they spoke with. This is also why they refer at least 2-3 top agents for each area. The key is to look for qualities in an agent that will meet the consumer’s high expectations.

“Identify who you are and what your circumstances are, so you can easily match yourself up with the best agent. It will become apparent who is the best match by talking with several agents.” ­ Chiras added.

Two upcoming real estate-related events are also announced in the summary. A buyer and seller boot camp will happen on Sept. 18, 2019, in the Denver Tech Center that will tackle a complete overview of what it takes to be a savvy consumer. Another 100-minute hot spot seminar for real estate investors will happen on Jun. 5, 2019. Interested participants may call 303-670-0246 or fill out the contact us form at

Make the home purchase/ selling process simpler and easier by using the free consultation service offered by Skyfor Inc. The service offers a free well-researched list of highly-experienced and highly-qualified agents anywhere in the United States. For exclusive buyer agents specifically in Colorado, buyers may visit the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association at

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