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Buyer Agent Search Releases New Video Series of Real Estate Broker Interviews

Buyer Agent Search by Skyfor, Inc.releases a new series of exclusive video interviews with top real estate buyer agents throughout the country. They answer five important questions.

Buyer Agent Search by Skyfor, Inc. has just released a new series of exclusive video interviews with top real estate buyer agents throughout the country. Almost 90% of real estate purchasers or sellers choose to work with a trusted and competent licensed REALTOR. Nationally, there are over 1.4 million agent choices in the United States. The service helps consumers to make informed and educated choices when choosing an agent.

The Buyer Agent search Service interviews are meant to help consumers see what an excellent agent looks and sounds like. The interviews also familiarize potential buyers and sellers with different real estate markets throughout the United States. Viewers will learn what agents do to protect their client’s financial interests. The series may be accessed on the association’s Youtube channel. A summarized qualities and responsibilities of top agents and a link to the channel may be found here:

The role of a buyer’s agent is to assist and guide buyers from the start until the end of the home buying process. They are the buyer’s negotiator and advocate. This means that they will represent the buyers throughout the transaction and will work for the buyers’ best interests. As a fiduciary, they will put the buyers’ interests before their own. The agents interviewed in this series possess many years of analytical and negotiation skills to work on behalf of their buyers.

Like any profession, there is a continuum from poor to excellent professionals. It is tough to distinguish the exceptional ones. Many people get accidentally connected up with the wrong buyers agent by friends, family, or a quick internet search. The service advocates a well thought out and researched selection process.

The video series provides a platform for potential real estate buyers or sellers to determine for themselves the attributes of top agents who have been consistently rated “10+” by the service. A 10+ rating can only be attained if the agent is reviewed over many years as an excellent agent by consumers and the staff of Skyfor.

Those who watch the videos will see that agents possess these essential qualities: 1) excellent knowledge and experience, 2) dedication and detail orientation 3) full-time professionalism with high integrity. 4) accessibility. The service highly respects client preferences and empowerment to take charge of the home buying process starting from the initial selection of an agent. Browsers to the site are able to select their initial agent communication preferences – email, text, or phone. The Buyer Agent Search network of agents must honor those requests. Brokers are accountable to both their clients and the service for the quality of their work.

Those who are considering buying a house in any of the following cities will find full-length interviews for Colorado Springs, CO, St. Louis, MO, Boulder, CO, Melbourne, FL, Indianapolis, IN, Long Island, NY and Loveland, CO. The service is adding more interviews every week. A list of agents may be found on the website’s state pages of buyer agents or through the inquiry form.

In addition to the full-length interviews, the site also has a podcast section for just the audio. For the convenience of those wanting to learn about the topic of most interest to them, there are mini-videos based on the following: 1) What motivates the interviewee to be a buyers agent 2) what are some special attributes of the cities they serve 3) what is the median price of a 3 bedroom 2 bath home 4) how should buyers prepare for relocation to the area 5) how do buyer agents protect their clients from making mistakes in this huge financial purchase.

The Buyer Agent Search Service of Skyfor Inc., founded by Kathleen Chiras, has been helping consumers nationwide for more than 20 years. If an agent does not meet their strict standards, they are removed from their national association network. This free service provides buyers and sellers with a trusted and reliable source of top-notch agents. The full-time staff at Skyfor continue to follow up after recommendations are given to help ensure that the agents are doing the job the clients expect. This free service allows consumers to compare agents at Skyfor also manages the not-for-profit Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association. Exclusive buyer agents in Colorado may be found at

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