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Air Force Military Serviceman Retires As Top Buyer Agent in Colorado Springs CO

Former Air Force Military becomes Colorado Springs’ Top Buyer Agent. Don’t forget to watch the full video interview sharing how he successfully managed to switch over to the real estate industry.

Colorado Springs, Colorado- Kathleen Chiras, owner/CEO of Buyer Agent Search by Skyfor recently published a one-on-one interview with a former Air Force Military serviceman. Patrick had a successful career in the Air Force before he joined the real estate industry. He is now a certified Military Relocation Professional. He’s been with Buyer Agent Search since May of 2018 and has been rated a 10+ broker since. He leads a team based in Colorado Springs alongside his wife, Bridget. In the interview, he enthusiastically shares his motivations to become an exceptional real estate buyers agent.

Read the full summary along with the exclusive video interview here:

Patrick’s military career exposed him to numerous opportunities where he helped people solve their problems. He didn’t want this skill to end and found a way to continue doing so by joining the real estate industry. Some of the things that were discussed clearly demonstrate the makings of an exceptional buyer agent. According to Patrick, a top buyer agent must be: 1) A service-oriented person. Patrick truly enjoys helping and interacting with people. This is why it was easy for him to switch over from the military to the real estate industry. It’s a major plus to like working with people and helping them find solutions to various issues. Being good at interactions with people means being good at communicating with them. Good communication skills are always a top-quality sought by real estate buyers and sellers. It has been said over and over again that “communication is key”. 2) A problem solver. No job is ever free of issues. And in buying a house, clients can expect issues to arise in all directions. A good buyer agent will anticipate these issues and will have contingencies in place. An agent should be someone who is resilient and proactive. The agent should be willing to do everything to make the negotiations run smoothly and the buying experience a good one.

In the interview, Patrick gave the following as his advice to consumers who want to move to Colorado Springs: 1.) Get familiar with the area. Spend time and study the area for its pros and cons. 2) Check commute options and the safety of the neighborhood. Is it family-friendly? Buyers shouldn’t hesitate to go around and get to know the area by exploring neighborhoods on their own, and then with their contracted agent when looking at specific properties. 3) Think about the current home set-up versus what the future home will be like. 4) Buyers should discuss preferences with their agents in detail. It will help filter the choices available in the market and make the search easier. 4.) Get a knowledgeable agent who truly cares about home buyers and will advocate for them.

Today, homebuyers have powerful tools to help them choose the best agent to work with. A good agent will educate their clients about the essentials in home buying. The best agent is updated with the market trends and will not miss any important process all throughout the negotiation. Buyers are advised to make sure the agent has the experience to negotiate important matters such as the inspections, title work, market price, and the property condition.

Patrick proudly mentions that he works with his wife, Bridget, who is also a licensed agent. They work together to achieve their mission of helping others find their homes. Those who wish to get assistance from highly experienced and top-notch fiduciaries anywhere in the United States or Costa Rica, may go to Kathleen Chiras is the owner/ CEO of Buyer Agent Search, also a licensed broker who has been an advocate for consumers for over 20 years. For exclusive buyer agents who can help with buying or selling real estate specifically in Colorado, consumers may visit the non-profit association website:

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