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Buyers Agents Can Help You Buy A Home From Out Of State.

How to Buy a Home in Another State  -it’s where the grandkids are! or maybe the weather is much better! or it’s a career move…

Buying a house in another state can be an exciting venture, but it requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some steps to guide you through the process. By following these steps and working with experienced professionals, you can successfully buy a house in another state and embark on your new chapter with confidence.

It's cold outside. Let's move to a warmer climate!
It’s cold outside. Let’s move to a warmer climate!

1st. Research and Plan Ahead by doing a LOT of Internet research

  • Thoroughly research the housing market and the specific area where you intend to buy. This makes it much easier to know how to buy a house in another state.
  • One way to learn about how to buy an out of state home is this: Think about taking a road trip!  If you have 2 or three special locations in mind, let us help you line up a few buyers agents ahead of time.
  • Set a realistic budget and get pre-approved for a mortgage.  Lenders are sometimes state-specific, so have you buyer’s agent give you a list of local lenders
  • Here are useful planning links related to buying a home from out of state:
  • —Learn the 10 step process to buy a home
  • —Check out the new guide to home buying
  • —Buying and selling at the same time?  it can get tricky when moving to a different state!  Check out tips here.
  • —If you are considering a 2nd home or a vacation home, find useful tips at this blog post
searching for real estate investment properties
searching for real estate investment properties

2nd.  Check out the advantages and disadvantages of using a buyers agent to buy a house in another state

  • Many people are not familiar on how to buy a house in another state, but the work you did in step one will make you wonder if you can go it alone!  However, real estate is very local and purchasing without knowing the local neighborhoods or environment can be risky.  This is why many people choose to work with experienced local real estate agents. They get paid on commission at the close of the transaction, so initial expert guidance is free! Check out our list of association members for each state here: /associations-and-real-estate-agents/
  • A buyers agent can leverage virtual tours and video  help you to view potential properties remotely when buying a house in another state
  • If you intend to buy luxury real estate, you may wish to browse this buyer’s guide for buying high-end property. It is written by buyers agents who specialize in high-end properties.
  • Buyers agents can provide comparative market reports to help you understand the rapidly-moving changes in the marketplace and seasonal adjustments
  • Although the buyer’s agent fee is built into the listing price, a detail-oriented person may wish to represent themselves. A buyer agent fee of 2-3.5% of the sales price is likely already built into  the purchase price, so if your offer may want to include an X% no-buyer-agent reduction.  It makes sense in this case to at least get a local real estate attorney to review your offer, and be prepared to pay $300-$500/hour.  Every state has different rules and regulations governing real estate.
buying a home when you are out of state
buying a home when you are out of state

3. Understand Local Laws:

  • Familiarize yourself with local real estate laws and regulations when buying a house in another state
  • Consider the use of power of attorney for remote transactions.

4. Remote Home Inspection:

  • Arrange for a professional home inspection and participate remotely through video calls.
  • Ensure a comprehensive inspection to uncover potential issues.
finding a home with a top buyers agent
finding a home with a top buyers agent

5. Secure Remote Communication:

  • Utilize video conferencing tools for virtual meetings with key stakeholders.
  • Embrace electronic signatures for documentation.

6. Navigate the Closing Process:

  • Check for the possibility of remote notarization for necessary documents.
  • Use secure channels for financial transactions.
  • These days more and more people are buying a house in another state virtually.  You can do 90% of your research remotely!  However, we still recommend an on-site visit before signing  offers.

7. Plan Your Move:

  • Get ready for the sticker shock of the thousands of dollars it will take to hire a professional mover to move your household to another state
  • Get your checklists ready!  They really help.  See an example one here for finding a good buyers agent
  • Establish local contacts for post-move support.
  • * Looking for a good place to escape the winter?  Find 5 places to relocate in the winter.
Great beach view in Miami Beach, Florida
Get a help from the best buyer agents when searching for your luxury home in Florida

8. Stay Informed:

  • Keep abreast of market developments and changes.
  • Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on evolving market conditions.

9. Buying a house in another state like Florida has special complications and opportunities

2023 Home Buying Guide in Florida

Looking forward to next year for the chance to buy a house in another state?

As the housing market looks towards a positive shift in 2024, prospective buyers from out of state can benefit from strategic planning, leveraging technology, and staying informed. With the right approach and guidance from local experts, navigating the process of buying a house in another state remotely can be a rewarding experience, even in a dynamic market.

Buying a home from out of state
Buying a home from out of state

Kathleen Chiras

Kathleen Chiras is the associations manager for the National Buyers Agents Association. She has a heart for helping home buyers, and has been doing this for over 25 years!

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