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Best Cities For Florida Living
Ocean Drive in Miami Beach  See images of more FL cities in the video below!

Florida’s gorgeous weather draws millions of people each year. It’s nearly never too cold to go outside, and no part of the state is too far of a  drive from the beach. With its sunshine, clear-blue water beaches, golf courses, and extraordinary diversity of animals, it’s no wonder that so many people want to reside in the sunshine state!

Its diversity, rich culture, delicious foods, and several theme parks and attractions also make it a particularly exciting place to reside.  Here are the best cities for Florida living!


Jacksonville is tied together by bridges, crossing rivers to unite residents in the downtown area with nearby beaches. Restaurants, shops, and entertainment options fill all of Greater Jacksonville’s neighborhoods. There are nature trails to hike and marshes to kayak. There is history to see, and there is business to develop.

Jacksonville real estate has been steadily increasing per year, and its workforce is expanding at twice the national average.


Venice offers 14 miles of beaches and plenty of recreational opportunities, including swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and boating.  Golfers enjoy excellent courses in the greater Venice area. If you’re looking for a safe small beach city, Venice should be on your list.


Tampa is one of the fastest-growing large cities in Florida and is making its case for being one of the best places to live in Florida near the beach. The vibrant and affordable city offers something for singles, families, and retirees as well.

For those looking for beaches, the warm, welcoming waters of Clearwater Beach and St Pete Beach are just 30 minutes away, while Anna Maria Island, which was the 4th best beach town in Florida, is only an hour away from Tampa.

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This city of 50,000 people on the Gulf Coast enjoys some of the best beaches in all of Florida. Meanwhile, the city itself features one of the richest arts and culture scenes in Florida and continues to attract people of all ages.

There always seems to be some sort of festival going on in the city as well, which really adds to the strong sense of community here.


No list of the best places to live in Florida by the beach can be completed without Miami. The city needs no introduction and is best known for its rich blend of cultures, excellent nightlife, and some of the best beach parties in the world.

There are also three professional sports teams that you can watch here, as the Dolphins, Marlis, and Heat are all located in Miami. The famous Miami Beach is just 20 minutes from Downtown Miami and features fun and excitement all year round.

6. Tallahassee

Even though it’s the state capital, you might say Tallahassee feels like the least Floridian city in all of Florida. For one thing, it enjoys four different seasons as a result of its unique position on the panhandle. Tally (as some locals call it) feels more like a little slice of southern heaven.  You’ll have plenty of fun activities to do since Tally offers a college-town vibe thanks to its surrounding universities!

7.  Lakeland

Our next city is a land of lakes! (No, not the butter.) Lakeland is home to nearly 40 beautiful lakes, so you’ll have plenty of options to enjoy Florida’s weather on the water. It’s also close to popular cities like Tampa and Orlando. That’s right! Disney World and Universal Studios are less than an hour’s drive away! There’s also plenty to do right inside Lakeland with its nature park and one of Florida’s top-ranked art museums—the Polk Museum of Art.

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