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best real estate agents discussed on 630 KHow talk radio

Skyfor’s Free Search for Agents Service Endorsed by Denver Radio Show

A Denver Colorado radio talk show provided a strong endorsement of Skyfor Inc.'s buyer and seller agent finder service on its December 23, 2017 broadcast. The first 25 minutes of this broadcast is available here: A summary of critical points for consumers who wish to know insider information about the real estate buying and selling process is covered here. The…

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Top seller agent Todd describes top two seller strategies buyers could benefit

Denver Real Estate Agent Explains How Pick the Best Offer

This is part 2 of the interview with a Denver real estate seller's agent who provides more valuable insider tips for sellers.  See part 1 here. How did this seller end up with two offers on his property both $10,000 over asking price?  Multiple offers are generated by preparing and pricing the property correctly for the current market. In this…

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Switch Real Estate Agents if Yours Promotes Any of these 5 Myths

Consumers may wish to switch real estate agents if they become aware of their agent promoting 5 big myths.  These myths were discussed at the June, 2017 Real Estate Consumer's seminar put on by Barry Miller and Larry Stanley, the "consumer guys" at Miller Stanley Real estate.In our opinion, the first three of these myths are especially important to be aware…

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Just Released – Insider Info for Real Estate Consumers

Best Radio Show Clips for 2015 and 2016 in Soundcloud Playlists The founder of Buyer Agent Search is Kathleen Chiras, CEO of Skyfor Inc. She has been providing regular commentary on a real estate radio show since 2013.  This show's purpose is to educate consumers about the real estate industry and give consumers insider knowledge.  This knowledge will give them…

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