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Realtor Agents

Realtor agents can offer customer or client levels of service.  One of these choices provides more advocacy and protection to you as a buyer. What is the difference between a Realtor who acts as a buyer's agent and one who acts as a transaction broker? There is a huge difference between the roles of a “buyer's agent” and a “transaction…

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How to Choose an Agent: Prior to Choosing Your Agent

Prior to Choosing Your Agent

Assess your wants and needs in a home by checking out this short video.  You will want to do this step prior to choosing real estate agents:   Other steps to take before meeting with a real estate agent: Examine the codes of ethics and standards of practice of trusted sources such as national and state associations. Learn about the…

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accredited buyer representative

Accredited Buyer Representatives

Why do over 70% of all real estate purchasers in the US choose to hire a real estate agent to help them handle the transaction? However, not all real estate agents have the same amount of education or experience. The Real Estate Buyer Agency Council suggest you consider these reasons to hire an accredited buyer representative ( ABR®) :

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