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Switch Real Estate Agents if Yours Promotes Any of these 5 Myths

Consumers may wish to switch real estate agents if they become aware of their agent promoting 5 big myths.  These myths were discussed at the June, 2017 Real Estate Consumer's seminar put on by Barry Miller and Larry Stanley, the "consumer guys" at Miller Stanley Real estate.In our opinion, the first three of these myths are especially important to be aware…

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Just Released – Insider Info for Real Estate Consumers

Best Radio Show Clips for 2015 and 2016 in Soundcloud Playlists The founder of Buyer Agent Search is Kathleen Chiras, CEO of Skyfor Inc. She has been providing regular commentary on a real estate radio show since 2013.  This show's purpose is to educate consumers about the real estate industry and give consumers insider knowledge.  This knowledge will give them…

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How Real Estate Agents get paid

See the Podcast here. Skyfor's Tip: Look at what price the listing agent wants to build into the property for their services and evaluate it carefully. Break it down to see what services they are providing to justify the commission. Skyfor’s role is finding good agents across the country without any hidden cost or other charges. They answer inquiries from…

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It’s OK to change Real Estate Agents

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud. Andrea was not happy with the buyer's agent she had been working with because she felt they were not really listening to her.  Kathleen Chiras supports her choice to switch to a new agent and says how to do that.  She is available for free consultation on weekdays and weekends. Bonus: How to change…

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