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Best Radio Show Clips for 2015 and 2016 in Soundcloud Playlists

The founder of Buyer Agent Search is Kathleen Chiras, CEO of Skyfor Inc. She has been providing regular commentary on a real estate radio show since 2013.  This show’s purpose is to educate consumers about the real estate industry and give consumers insider knowledge.  This knowledge will give them a huge advantage when they buy or sell their properties.

The company just published a few of the best segments of the radio show in the podcast section of it’s website.  The 2015 radio show clips cover such topics as “Two Qualities Best Agents Must Have”, “How to find a top Buyer or Seller Agent”, “How to Avoid Problems when Buying or Selling a Home”.  There is also a podcast on how “Florida Buyers Agents can Find the Best Deals in Florida” that still holds true today.  There are tips on comparing different brokers and the criteria to use to select the best agent.

The 2016 radio show clips cover such topics as, “Reverse Mortgage, Right or Wrong Choice”, “How Real Estate Agents Get Paid”, “How Buyers Agents Help with Multiple Offer Situations” and “What to Do when you Want to Get a New Agent?”.

The KHOW radio show is hosted by “The Father of Buyer Agency”, Barry Miller. His co-host is business genius Larry Stanley.  Barry and Kathleen created a national association of buyer agents in the mid 1990s to give consumers access to buyer agent specialists.  In the 90’s there were very few of these specialists and in many states buyers of real estate were not being fully represented.  The system was geared towards seller representation.  The real estate industry was structured by the over 1-million person real estate lobby.  This lobby helped form the laws in each state to make it very easy for real estate companies to double-dip commissions, ie, make money on both the buy and sell side of the transaction.  That environment still exists today, and only educated consumers have the advantage when they have in-depth knowledge of how the real estate game is really played. The game field includes understanding how real estate agents get paid, how to evaluate a good agent, and resources to ensure the agent does a great job and is accountable.

The show, also known as the “Barry and Larry Show” is on KHOW 630 am dial, in Colorado.  It streams worldwide at 630KHOW.  It’s guests give insider tips not only on real estate buying and selling from the consumer’s point of view, but also accurate and honest information about mortgages and moving.

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