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Preparing for a 2024 and Next Year Florida Home Purchase

If you're looking to get ready for a Florida home purchase a few months down the road, this plan will help ensure you've covered all your bases. From finance to logistics, it's important to think through the changes on the horizon to streamline your 2024 Florida home purchase. Moving to Florida from out of state?  Find out all the things…

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Signs Of Bad Real Estate Agents

Top 4 Signs of Bad Real Estate Agents and How to Avoid Them

To buy or sell a home is a process that needs earnest intent. It is the biggest investment one will likely ever make so it needs careful planning and serious decision making. The success of the transaction lies heavily in the agent. Consumers depend on agents to help them achieve their “American Dream” or reap the investment they’re after. If…

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Buyer Agent Search By SkyFor

Colorado Buyers Agent Advocates for Consumers, Provides Free Services

There are two things a consumer often feels when he or she is about to buy or sell a home - confidence, and hesitation. Confidence, because the consumer has researched the product/service, checked reviews, and is prepared financially. Hesitation, because even though the person has researched and has the money, it is a huge investment. It seldom happens that consumers…

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