Purchasing or selling a home requires a lot of work. Consumers will most likely have to deal with mortgage lenders, real estate agents, home inspectors, and home insurance providers. This leads to an important question: how to choose the right agent? Read, hear and listen to the podcast and videos to learn about the tips for choosing the right agent. The manager for Buyer Agent Search was interviewed in May 2019 by KHOW Radio Real Estate Consumer guru Barry Miller. The right agent will help consumers to:

  1. Buy/Sell the home at the right price
  2. Get proper fi­nancing
  3. Get an excellent return on their investment.

Top Priorities and Tips for Choosing the Right Agent

Skyfor Inc.’s Buyer Agent Search Service, a Colorado-based free consultation service posted an informational video that will help consumers understand the key points and the process of selecting the right agent. The service’s top priorities are:

  • Interviewing at least two agents for each area.
  • Have good interview questions

Consumers may access the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Xi6fEQvio

Kathleen Chiras, the CEO of Skyfor Inc. have been providing a recommendation of top agents for over 20 years. She has already gone through many agents throughout the United States to select ones that have good credentials, good experience, and good track records.

What is the recommendation process? Kathleen…

  1. Interviews consumers to get their specific wants and needs in their home purchase/sell. In this way, consumers will be recommended agents who match their needs.
  2. Sends out the agents’ profiles to the consumers through email. They usually recommend 2-3 top agents in each area/town.
  3. Encourages consumers to look and review the agent’s profile, experience, and credentials.
  4. Provides a list of good interview questions that consumers may use to distinguish the right agent for them.

The Expert’s Recommendation

Chiras always recommends consumers to talk to a couple of different brokers and not to feel obligated to choose the first person they spoke with. She encourages consumers to customize the list of interview questions based on their own specific needs.

Author comment: Look for qualities in an agent that seem to display a high level of professionalism and helpfulness.

“Identify who you are and what your circumstances are. This way you can easily match yourself up with the best agent,” ­Chiras added.

Host: Don’t rely on other people’s recommendations. Every circumstance differs for each consumer.

Finding the right agent

The Buyer Agent Search Service has a wide network of top-performing agents throughout the 50 states in the United States. It is a trusted consultation service at no cost.

Consumers may visit this page in the Buyer Agent Search site to start looking for top agents for successful real estate transactions.

Host: This is a terrific service! Going to a community where you don’t know anybody, finding the right agent will be very difficult. 

What can the consumers do if they are not satisfied with the agent?

Here’s a tip from the radio show host: Include a unilateral termination clause in the contract.

Host: One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make is not to include a unilateral termination clause in their contract. By carefully selecting an agent, they won’t need this. What if the agent is not meeting the consumer’s expectations? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk away from the contract and find a good agent who meets their wants and needs?

What is a Unilateral Termination?

A unilateral termination permits a party to unilaterally terminate the agreement if the other party fails to perform their duties under certain conditions. It won’t require the other party’s consent, and the agreement will no longer be binding.

This clause is helpful as it gets the agent do their job in representing the buyer or seller.

Upcoming events

  • Buyer and Seller Bootcamp – Learn a complete overview of what it takes to be a savvy buyer or seller. The boot camp aims to teach consumers the ins and outs of successful real estate transactions. The event will happen on Sept. 18, 2019, from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM in Denver, CO. Use the contact us form here to get details.
  • Hotspot Seminar – 100 minutes seminar about real estate investing. This seminar will help consumers know the hottest market to invest in. and the keys to being successful real estate investors. The event is on Jun 5, 2019, from 7:00 PM-8:40 PM.

Both events are free of admission. For interested participants, contact us or call 303-670-0246.