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How To Find A Legit Buyers Agent According To A Colorado Expert

When the pandemic exploded, realtors all over the US were forced to adjust. They needed to find new ways to accommodate the home buying needs of their clients, both the buyers and the sellers. Consumers today rely on buyer agents more than ever. A quick look at the National Buyers Agent Association's data below will give you an idea of…

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Buyer Agent Search Service Reveals High Demand for Buyers Brokers Despite COVID-19

While most of us are still staying vigilant about the risk of contracting the deadly virus, a noticeable demand for buyers agents has been noted recently in the real estate industry. We're looking at the current state of affairs of real estate services in the summer of 2020. Demand on Buyers Agents Real Estate services have been considered essential by the US…

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Buyers Agents Report Low Inventory

Buyers Agents report low inventory

Today we spoke with some of our premier buyer agents in the Boston, Massachusetts and the Los Angeles California areas. They are reporting some frustration with the market because they have buyers wanting to buy but the inventory of available properties is low. This makes for a frustrating experience for both the buyers and the buyers agents. It is a…

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