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Colorado Real Estate Market Turnaround 2018

The following are key points that will help consumers cope with the rapidly changing real estate market conditions. Ideas and statistics presented here are from the 8:00 am show that aired on Nov. 17, 2018, on KHOW630. Changes in the market What are the latest market trends in Colorado? Median housing prices and the inventory of active listings continue to…

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Person Handing Keys

A Guide to Successful Home Buying and Selling

Home buying or selling is undoubtedly a complicated process. It is crucial for the consumers to take steps on learning information about the processes. Especially for first-time buyers, this may be overwhelming as they need enough knowledge to know what actions and steps are needed to do next. The good news is, the Barry and Larry Real Estate Consumer Show…

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Photograph Of Person Holding Black Leather Wallet With Money

Real Estate Agent’s Fees, Commissions and Costs: Are they reasonable?

The following is an interpretation of the comments the author heard on material discussed on the Barry and Larry Radio show on Sept 9, 2018 and commentary from the author. Host: Commission costs built into a property transaction were established many years ago with a 7% typical rate found in the United States in MSL’s across the county. Later the…

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