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Residential Real Estate Investment

An Ultimate Guide to Residential Real Estate Investment

The following is an interpretation of the comments the author heard on material discussed on the Barry and Larry Radio show on July 13, 2019, from the 8:00 am show on KHOW630. Learn the basics of residential real estate investment in this article. A tip from the host: Consider residential real estate for the best investment returns. What is a…

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Benefits Of Hiring Buyer- Gents

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Buyer Agents

With fast-growing technology, consumers can now use easy-to-access sophisticated tools to do much of the discovery and evaluation of available properties for sale. As a result, buyers may research by themselves and opt not to use the services offered by buyer agents. This is one of the common mistakes that buyers make. There is only so much information the internet…

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Top 4 Real Estate Buyer Agent Negotiating Skills Explained in Denver on Radio and Videos

The Buyer Agent Search Network that serves Denver Colorado and other communities throughout the United states,  posted a rebroadcast of it's KHOW radio segment, along with several informational videos this week.  These resources help first-time homebuyers know vital information about home buying process such as real estate home buyers checklists, how do buyer agent gets paid, duties and responsibilities of…

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