Your buyers agents will be in associations that have professional standards of practice and codes of ethics. In addition to at least one professional association, all of the real estate agents you select will belong to one or more networks. Go here now to see lists of outstanding buyer’s agents in Florida, California, New York, Texas, and other states. These real estate agents have made written commitments to high levels of excellence, and have agreed to our third-party oversight of their performance.

National Association of Realtors

National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents

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Regional or state Real Estate Buyers Agent networks:

Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents

Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association

California Buyers Agents Network

Florida Buyers Agents Network

Texas Buyers Agents Network

New York Buyers Agents Network

Non-US Associations or Networks of Real Estate Buyers Agents

Special note: Most countries outside of the United States provide real estate brokerage services in an entirely different manner than the United States. Many systems are more seller than buyer oriented. If you are a US citizen, we recommend you phone us to discuss the latest in global real estate. Ask for the staff person who is a Certified International Property Specialist.