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A Realtor agent must be a member of the US based National Association of Realtors (NAR) to call themselves a “Realtor”.  In the past 10 years, NAR has expanded globally and created the Certified International Property Specialist designation.

The SmartHomeSearch Broker network includes real estate agents in Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and Central America. Buyers go in both directions.  For example, Canadians often times are looking for property in warmer US states such as, Florida, Texas and Arizona. US Citizens sometimes wish to buy homes in the beautiful cities and countryside of Canada.

Central America and Costa Rica, in particular, have become popular retirement choices for North Americans.  Many wish to escape to a more tranquil lifestyle in a tropical climate. Over 40,000 Americans and Europeans now live in Costa Rica.  It is possible to own title to property in Costa Rica and other countries; however, finding a top buyers agent is quite difficult because licensing in Central America is not nearly so stringent as in the US.  It is also tough to find comparable property values, because there is a very short history of  tracking for-sale and sold properties within the U.S.’, “multiple listing service” or MLS.

The author, Kathleen Chiras, owns both land and a house in Costa Rica. She has also traveled globally. Because she has a CIPS designation, feel free to call Kathleen when contemplating a purchase abroad.

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