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Current Real Estate Marketplace Situation Right Now For Consumers

The Barry and Larry Vestera Real Estate Program Radio show

8:00-9:00 AM | June 11, 2022

Kathleen Chiras The Best Agent Finder!

On the show:

Barry Miller (Host, and Real Estate Agent with Remax Masters Millenium, Denver, CO)
Larry Stanley (Consumer Guy, Co-host, Barry and Larry Consumer’s Real Estate)

“Do not believe a lot of what you are hearing and seeing about residential real estate right about these dates and these weeks”

– Barry Miller (Host, and Real Estate Agent with Remax Masters Millenium, Denver, CO)

What is the current real estate marketplace situation right now for consumers?

  • It’s a tough situation right now with what consumers see and hear
  • Home refinancing would cost you a lot of money either now or later
  • Home loan refinancing option is getting harder with higher interest rates
  • The best thing consumers could do is to know that for information on real estate, 95% of what you hear or see comes from 1 or 2 industries
  • Find out what single industry the news came from
  • Every day is the best day to sell a home or buy a home
  • Analyze the data and learn if the source of the news is self-serving

top real estate agent

Inflation is affecting home sellers

  • With interest rates climbing and inflation widespread, selling your house is more complicated right now than it is for a while
  • Exphttp://interest-rates-and-home-selling-tips-for-consumerserts are not seeing a slowdown and the number of buyers purchasing homes in the front range
  • If you want to have a quick and well-priced home sale, make sure you’re having a top real estate agent
  • The top real estate agent will develop a strong sales plan and also pricing strategies to match your very specific marketplace
  • DO NOT go with the many myths, half-truths, and inaccuracies that are filling our airways and internet right now
  • Weekly, experts are still seeing higher numbers than they did a month ago or weeks ago
  • Experts say numbers might slow down this year
  • When July comes, there will be fewer buyers looking for homes

The current real estate marketplace in Denver-Metro areas and Colorado Spring areas

  • Residential real estate, along with the front range and pretty much nationally, does have more homes available for sale
  • There are fewer buyers competing for these homes because of higher mortgage rates
  • There’s still a high number of buyers seeking most of the available homes
  • Demand remains high, especially under 1 Million dollars in the Denver Metro areas and under 700K in the Colorado Spring areas
  • DO NOT be fooled by the sellers or agents who overpriced their homes and are now bringing those asking prices down
  • The experts are not seeing a slow-down in the appreciation rate
  • There are 70% more homes in the market this month than last month just because it is June
  • In the Denver Metro area, the number of single-family detached homes for sale is 3,330

current real estate marketplace situation right now for consumers

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