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Buyer Representation Agreement

Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agent Shares Why Buyer Representation Exists

One of the worst feelings is to feel left on your own. Like having no one to protect you from anything or anyone that scares you. It used to be like that for real estate buyers until home buyers finally got the option to have true buyers representation. Can you imagine investing and having everything you told your agent including…

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Melbourne Florida Top Buyer Agent Says Education IS Key To Protect Home Buyers

Melbourne, Florida's Top Buyer Agent says education is key to protecting home buyers during a real estate negotiation. Kathleen Chiras, owner/CEO of the Buyer Agent Search Service had an exclusive interview with Cayce on September 30, 2019. Cayce is a Real Estate Broker/Associate and is a Certified Distressed Property Expert. She specializes in representing both Residential buyers and sellers and…

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St. Louis MO Top Buyer Agent explains Why to Move to Missouri

Top Buyer Agent Luan of Buyer Agent Search proudly lives in St. Louis, a major city in Missouri. Luan recently had a video interview with our CEO, Kathleen Chiras that told us why it is named as one of the best places to live. She has been in the business for over 15 years and shared some very interesting facts…

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Tips When Buying Or Selling A Home

Realtor Tips When Buying or Selling a Home Shared by Denver Agent

Let's talk about tips when buying or selling a home. I am sure, at one point in your life, you must have thought of either buying a home or selling one. And mostly it is because we’re starting a family, relocating for a job, or simply want to have property investments. Whatever the reason, this move sometimes brings us a…

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Getting Property Valuation

Denver Agent Tells How to Get a Property Valuation and Second Opinion

Getting an estimated property valuation from a professional is imperative in the home selling process. The real estate agent will assess the house value based on a number of factors such as the condition of the house, the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, location, added amenities like a garage, patio or garden, the neighborhood. This property valuation is what sellers…

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