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Kathleen Chiras The Best Agent Finder!

The B&L Consumers Real Estate Radio Show 2020 Podcast

The Barry and Larry Consumers Real Estate Show Listen to the Barry & Larry Real Estate Show, Every Saturday 8:00 – 9:00 am and 11:00 am – Noon MST Barry Miller Home Seller and Home Buyer ADVOCATE Barry Miller of Barry and Larry are one of those persons who is a born and trained leader. He cares for every person’s…

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Kathleen Chiras Buyer Agent Ewomen Interview

Buyer Agent Search: Kathleen Chiras Interview

Sandra Yancy, CEO of EWomen Network had an interview with Kathleen Chiras 5 years ago about the Buyer Agent Search website (now known as the National Buyers Agent Association. Most of what you'll hear are still highly relevant even if a decade had passed. Listen in to the interview and learn from Kathleen as she shares her knowledge on the…

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How To Find A Legit Buyers Agent According To A Colorado Expert

When the pandemic exploded, realtors all over the US were forced to adjust. They needed to find new ways to accommodate the home buying needs of their clients, both the buyers and the sellers. Consumers today rely on buyer agents more than ever. A quick look at the National Buyers Agent Association's data below will give you an idea of…

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Top Exclusive Agent Videos

National Buyers Agent Association Shares Exclusive Broker Search Videos

For quick access to videos of the best qualities you'll need to look for in your next agent, check out Buyer Agent Search Video Interview Series.  Today we're releasing videos of three top exclusive buyers agents and brokers in the National Buyers Agent Association.  They answer questions about their duties and responsibilities towards consumers.  Each one discusses some of the…

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Signs Of Bad Real Estate Agents

Top 4 Signs of Bad Real Estate Agents and How to Avoid Them

To buy or sell a home is a process that needs earnest intent. It is the biggest investment one will likely ever make so it needs careful planning and serious decision making. The success of the transaction lies heavily in the agent. Consumers depend on agents to help them achieve their “American Dream” or reap the investment they’re after. If…

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