Colorado’s Top Cities Featured In A Livability Report

Colorado has extremely vast differences from city to city – few would dispute that no matter what you are looking for in a city, one is certain to find it somewhere in Colorado.  That being said, 100 of Colorado’s cities were featured in a livability index that features 20,000 cities across the countries for amenities, cost of living, crime index, education, employment, housing and weather.

Most of the 100 cities received high scores on at least several of the categories with only one category coming up negatively throughout the list, siting a high cost of living.  The top twenty cities from the 20th spot forward are:  Golden, West Pleasant View, Manitou Springs, Superior, Lone Tree, Applewood, Estes Park, Acres Green, Parker, Greenwood Village, Stonegate, Castlewood, Gunbarrel, Castle Pines, Carriage Club, Niwot, Evergreen, Woodland Park and in the #1 spot was Columbine Valley.

Cost of living is certainly a consideration, however, statistics concerning education opportunities are larger considerations for many growing families with school aged children.  Most of the 100 cities got very high rankings in the report on employment, which has received bright reviews and forecasts in many reports nationwide.  Colorado maintains a lower unemployment rate and is known for a diversified and educated workforce – both of which are necessary for a thriving economy.

The two categories that seemed to contrast each other throughout the report were the crime ratings vs. the cost of living; areas with a higher cost of living saw lower crime statistics.

The weather category came up with mid-rank markings, however, when one considers this takes into account such diverse geographic areas nationwide, it is placing regions of the country that see the potential for winter weather below those cities with year round warm/warmer weather.

Overall, it is nearly impossible to beat the geographic position of Colorado no matter which city one chooses to live in, for it’s central location in relation to the rest of the country and it’s spectacular array of outdoor activities and beauty.

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